Author’s Log: Back To Black (Or Something) (& #ROW80)

Warning So, a week or so after my misadventures with Wisdom Tooth Shenanigans, I’m more or less back to normal–for a given value of “normal”, of course.

My sort-of, unofficial drafting goal is to draft 10K words per week, and as of this morning I made that goal for this week. Moving my drafting schedule to several days a week instead of every day is working really well for balancing writing with day job…

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ANNOUNCED: Brighid’s Flame (#keepers3)

It’s that time again! Editor Awesome and Samhain Publishing have decided to take on the third installment of my flagship series, Keepers of the Flame. BRIGHID’S FLAME  is now slated for (appropriately enough) St Patty’s Day 2015.

This one takes place in New York City, and our intrepid hero does not yet know what she is, and only thinks she knows what her destiny entails. The truth is going to…

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Author’s Log: Wisdom Does NOT Come With Teeth (& #ROW80)

Warning Well, I didn’t write quite write as much as I’d hoped to this week, due to some minor wisdom tooth drama that made me miss a day (side note: OW OW OW!!), but I still made progress on the rough draft of SEARCHER. About 9-10k more words, and I’ll hit midpoint, maybe even by the end of this week. I’ve got my party to the capitol city, and my readers are about to meet our antagonists in person for…

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Author’s Log: What I Did When I Was On Hiatus (& #ROW80)

Warning Oh, hey, look–it’s a fresh new round of A Round of Words In Eighty Days–the writing challenge that acknowledges you have a life!

And a day job. And a spouse. And pets (and, in some cases, children). And piano practice. And VIOLIN practice. And Dragon Age I and II to complete before III comes out in October. And a production schedule that looks like the lineup schedule of the World Cup, and…

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The Anti-Butt-In-Chair Argument (#IWSG)

mordorThe status of my production schedule for June month-end, if the spirit of keeping score, was as follows:

(1)   Novella completed (and therefore officially off my plate) in the nick of time;

(1)   Novella nearly drafted (90% done! W00T!);

(1)   Novel in Act I Revisions (approximately 9 chapters)

(1) Novella pending revision

As it stands now, I’m about a week behind in production, but I’m okay with…

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Author’s Log: Goin’ Black (Back 7/7)

With LADY TENNANT finally out the door, and being between rounds of ROW80, I’ve decided to take a wee bit of a haitus to finish drafting Waking Muse #2 and ACT I revisions on MINSTREL’S DAUGHTER. You’ll still see me here and there on The Facebook and Twitter, but I will be more or less focused on cleaning up my production from June.

See you on July 7th!


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Author’s Log: Pushing The Big, Red Button (& #ROW80)

GossamerBugsI recently told Editor Awesome (who is still, verily, awesome), that lately I’ve felt like that scene from the Princess Bride: “I’ve got a wedding to plan, my wife to murder, and Gilder to frame for it—I’m swamped.”

In response I pushed the Big Red Button on my Production Schedule, which is my way of rearranging matters more my—and my readers’—liking. Because I love explosions.


Heh heh heh.

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AUTHOR’S LOG: Ch-ch-ch Changes (#ROW80)

Word Penguins So you’ve probably noticed (or perhaps not–either way) I’ve been off my blogging schedule of late. I apologize for this, but rest assured I’ve been deep, DEEP into revisions for Waking Muse #1. Now, however, it’s as clean as I can make it without going all cross-eyed and drooly (at least, no more so than usual). Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1. All drafting, development, and other revisionshas…

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Author’s Log: Breathing Is Good (& #ROW80)

Word Penguins I’d say I were buried in Revision Hell (tantamount to Tech Week, aka “Hell Week” in theatre), except that I’m weird in that I likerevisions. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Revisions are where true storytelling comes into play, for me. My rough drafts tend to be very cumbersome because I fast draft everything in my brain, and then end up taking out too much in the revision process,…

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Resonance = Success (#IWSG)

IWSG So this weekend the Tech Monkey and I went to a matinee showing of Xmen: Days of Futures Past, and it got me to thinking (again) about resonance, and how said resonance might feed into becoming a successful writer. The Tech Monkey and I always have a great conversations when we get to the lunch part of our movie date, because he is Fan + RPG Game Master, which equals Geek Squared, while I am Fan…

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