Author’s Log: Saving The Cat (& #ROW80)


So I finally broke down and bought a copy of Blake Snyder’s Save The Cat. And, like many others, I am SO glad I did. I wasn’t two chapters in before it hit me between the eyes that I needed a new opening scene for FALLEN ANGEL.

I ended up with a new opening chapter. In a matter of hours.

So, yeah. That happened.

It occured to me, during my week-long thinky think last week that what had me…

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Author’s Log: Necronomicon And Other Updates (& #ROW80)


So last weekend the Tech Monkey attended Necronomiconhorror and dark fantasy convention here in town, and a modest amount of action and adventure was had by all. It was SUCH a nice change from the now mainstream (and slightly overblown) Comic Con. It reminded me a lot of the Gen Con gaming convention we went to every year up north, before Wizards of the Coast took over and over-corporated it…

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Author’s Log: Looking Ahead To The End Game (& #ROW80)


So here we are, in the final quarter of 2014 and the final round of A Round of Words in Eighty Days. October, as it happens, is also the beginning of the holiday season in the Monkey household. Our anniversary is on the 27th, which is quickly followed by Halloween, and then it’s all downhill from there until New Year’s.

First, what do I have to accomplish in the next three months? I bring you…

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Not Just A Fight, But A Conflict (#IWSG)


I love writing action scenes.

Love them. Loooooooove them.

Got swords? Guns? Mad Ninja Skillz? I’m all over it.

On a side note, I pity the intruder who breaks into our house, because they will be met by any number of firearms and melee bringers of stabby and/or smashy death, as well as some very seriously pissed off homeowners. And if you bleed on my tile floors, I will hit you again.

I think…

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Author’s Log: September and Quarter-End Wrap Up

Word Penguins

I’m a little weird (okay–A LOT weird) in that my day job consists of more than a little Forensic Accountantcy, and thus beating back the twin evils of Fuzzy Logic and Mathemagics Gone Awry (or, in worst case scenarios, Black). What this means is that my perspective on the business of writing is more than a little skewed, because my day job entails dealing with people who have built their own…

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Author’s Log: Ripples Vs. Waves (& #ROW80)


I’m happy–nay, THRILLED–to report the Cold of 2014 has officially been eradicated. I’ve found there are few colds that can stand long against the onslaught of an Irish hot toddy, and this was no exception. The Five-Alarm chili has been consumed (The Tech Monkey started to actually taste it a few days ago, so Score!), and things are more or less back to normal. Thank goodness, because cotton wool…

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Author’s Log: We Has A Cold Edition (& #ROW80)


This week the Writer Monkey household came down with colds. For the record, I’ve haven’t had one in, oh, about two years. I don’t get sick very often, but when I do, I do it GOOD. Like, soul-destroying good.

Example: The Tech Monkey came home from school with a stomach flu. Normally, I would have a day of mild discomfort, but that’s all. THIS time, however, it blossomed into full-blown IBS. I…

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Author’s Log: In Which Plot Happens (& #ROW80)


“I love deadlines. I like the ‘whooshing’ noise they make as they fly by.” ~Douglas Adams

Hoo-da-lally, folks. Talk about deadlines. They’re all whooshing about my head like a flock of blue birds over the head of a cartoon character just after they’ve been flattened by an anvil. Occasionally they dive bomb me. Deadlines, not anvils.


Here’s what landed in my lap this week, aside from…

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Perfect Is The Enemy Of Done (#IWSG)


So…exactly just how “good” is “good enough”?

Talk about a loaded question. That’s a double-barrelled shotgun, if I ever saw one.

It’s difficult to know, isn’t it? When you’re as close to your work as writers tend to be, it’s difficult to gain a proper perspective. I mean, if your art and craft is building tables, it’s pretty easy to tell when a table is done, and whether or not it wobbles on one…

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COVER ART REVEAL: Hearth & Home AND Brighid’s Flame!

Surprise! It’s double trouble today, because I’ve got not one but TWO covers to reveal!


Find out more about HEARTH & HOME


Find out more about BRIGHID’S FLAME

I’m super thrilled to be able to bring both titles to you within the next SIX months (whew, that’s a lot of work, especially with the third Waking Muse title currently in production for release in December)!

And, of course, I’m always…

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